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New Republic August 25, 2014
August 25, 2014

Clay Aiken Won't Sing for Your Vote

But this American Idol will do just about anything else to win.Jason Zengerle

Why Are There No Female Sheldon Adelsons?

The real reasons for the absence of free-spending women political donors.Rebecca Traister

The New Racism

This is how the civil rights movement ends.Jason Zengerle

Wrecking an Economy Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

They're getting a slap on the wrist when twhat they deserve is a jail sentence.Dean Starkman

Let the Border Kids Stay

A comprehensive case for compassion.Franklin Foer

The Border Is Not a Battlefield

It’s more like a fortified check-in counter.Eric Benson

The Deadly, Invisible Borders Inside El Salvador

When the threats come, there is only one direction for families to run.Óscar Martínez

I Keep Returning to This Haunting Photo From Gaza

This image, taken in the aftermath of a U.N. school explosion, echoes a famous Vietnam photo.Geoff Dyer

One of Liberalism's Greatest Defenders Doesn't Deserve His Obscurity

Stefan Zweig is much more than "the Pepsi of Austrian of writing."Adam Kirsch

Burn Detail

Stopping on Delos

The Red Kayak

Liberals Are Killing Art

How the Left became obsessed with ideology over beauty.Jed Perl

Prison and World

A Work of Fiction

The Couple in the Park

Israel and Gaza: A Just and Unjust War

The conduct of a war must influence the way we think about it. Leon Wieseltier

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